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"Port-Cros, Island of a Thousand Treasures"

Port-Cros is one of the three Hyères islands, along with Porquerolles and Ile du Levant. It is over seven square kilometres large and has many coves that make it a beautiful island. Since 1963, Port-Cros has benefited from its status as a national park. It is the first marine and land park for which the state is the sole owner. Port-Cros offers a nature preserve of unique biodiversity, free of urban pollution.

Our Shuttles to Port-Cros

At Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur, we make it our job to help you get to know Port-Cros.
Our boats leave from La Londe-les-Maures and allow you to access the island.


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The departure point for the island is Port Miramar at La Londe-les-Maures. At only 30 minutes, this is the fastest ferry crossing.

The port has a free car park with 1,200 spaces! There are very few bottlenecks, unlike departures from La Tour Fondue.

Horaires et tarifs de nos navettes vers Port-Cros depuis LA LONDE

Departure to LA LONDE
from April 4
to July 3, 2022
from July 4
to August 28, 2022
from August 29
to October 2, 2022
from October 3
to November 6, 2022
La Londe

de 45 min à 1h00

La Londe
Every Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday
and Sunday

except Saturday

Every Tuesday,
Wednesday, saturday
and Sunday

Every Wednesday, saturday
and Sunday

4:15 p.m. 4:15 p.m. 4:15 p.m. 4:15 p.m.
Round trip | Adult: 33€ | Children (4 to 10 years old): 22€
GROUP RATES (25 people): Nous consulter par mail ou téléphone

The authorities reserve the right to modify or cancel all or part of the ferries scheduled, without warning, in case of adverse meteorological conditions or for technical reasons.
Cheques, Holiday Vouchers, and Blue Cards accepted.

Visit Port-Cros

Port-Cros is a wonderful island: a wilderness, an historic site,
and many other things that you will discover during your stay on the island.

Discover the National Park

Port-Cros parc nationale

Port-Cros is the smallest and most mountainous of the islands of the archipelago. It has a unique flora and fauna that has evolved in the context of its many rivers. The island is home to rare species, such as the booted eagle, the yellow-legged gull, the Yelkouan shearwater, and many others. Terrestrial fauna of the island includes unique species, such as Phyllodactyle or Sardinian Discoglossus.

To go to Port-Cros is also to get closer to nature and to enjoy it.
There are many historical places and monuments to visit: the Vigie, Manoir d’Hélène, and Fort du Moulin that guards the harbour.
Port-Cros has a wonderful climate, very mild all year round.

An Historic Island

Port-Cros histoire

There are many historic sites and monuments waiting to be discovered on the island. There is the famous Fort de l’Estissac that crowns the island; another fort, Fort Port-Man, with a magnificent view of the island of Levant; Vigie is an old semaphore; the Manoir d’Hélène or Fort du Moulin that look over the harbour.

A historic island

There is no lack of things to do in Port-Cros,
from walks in the forest, swimming, and diving — the sky is the limit.

The Fort de l'Estissac

Le fort de l'estissac

Situated on the summit of the island, it offers a magnificent panorama.

The Estissac fortress is now the linchpin of the Port-Cros National Park and it also houses some temporary exhibitions during the summer.

Underwater trail

Port-Cros fond sous-marin

When approaching Palud beach, you can see some buoys floating not far from the shoreline.

Put on your mask and snorkel and discover the underwater trail of Port-Cros by following the many information panels located under water. Follow the signs and discover the many fish that make Port-Cros their home.

Hikes and Walks

La randonnée à Port-Cros

The forests of Port-Cros have wonderful trails that make going for a walk a real pleasure. Many of the trails are marked and they are all different lengths so that everyone can find the right one for them.

In the course of your walk, you will surely pass by a beach or a cove, so why not take a little break?

Relaxation and Swimming

Baignades à Port-Cros

You will be able to find beaches on the islands, but what makes Port-Cros special is its creeks.

They are scattered all around the island, allowing you to discover a large underwater biodiversity and make some unexpected encounters with Posidonia seagrass.

Our Boats and Shuttles to Port-Cros

Access to the island is possible only by sea,
and we make sure that it is as enjoyable as possible for you.

The Advantages of Our Maritime Company

Boarding from La Londe-les-Maures makes access easy for all the inhabitants of Lavandou. It is also not crowded, which makes it a city accessible by car.

Moreover, we have made access to our La Londe-les-Maures pier easy with 1,200 free parking spaces.

Sea Lovers at Your Service

Our boatmen put their experience at your service so that you can access this wild and protected island.

Port-Cros is full of stories and surprising facts. Many activities are available to keep you entertained all day long.

Port-Cros is calling you, come to see why!

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