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"The Most Beautiful Harbour in Europe"

Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur offer you visits to the port of Toulon and the surrounding area. In that way, you can discover the history of Toulon harbour during a one-hour-long narrated walking tour. Landlocked between Seyne-sur-Mer, Saint-Mandrier, and the great dam, the harbour is impressive because of both its size and history. Discover the unexpected beauties and secrets of the port of Toulon.

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Join us at the Cronstadt docks at the port of Toulon to board one of our boats for a unique tour of the harbour of Toulon.
This site is full of amazing secrets and stories.
You will discover a harbour nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and limestone mountains.

One-hour guided tour
of the rade de Toulon au départ de Toulon

Boarding Quai de la Sinse

Regular departures, Group rates

PRIX FIXE TOUTES DATES 15€ adulte – 10€ enfant.

The authorities reserve the right to modify or cancel all or part of the ferries scheduled, without warning, in case of adverse meteorological conditions or for technical reasons.

Cheques, Holiday Vouchers, and Blue Cards accepted.

Visiting Toulon

Toulon, a city full of history, was called “The Mountain Port” during the revolution, because of Mont Faron that surrounds the city.
The stories of this legendary place will amaze you.

A Historic Harbour

Rade de Toulon, Une rade historique

In antiquity, the harbour of Toulon was used by the Romans and Greeks for many centuries. The port of Toulon, prized by the kings of France thanks to its location, fast became France’s primary military port.

The harbuor was witness to many historic events, such as the Siege of Toulon in 1793 and the Allies’ Operation Dragoon in 1944. A visit to the Bay of Toulon transports you through the centuries of the most famous harbour of France.

Places and Buildings to Discover

Rade de Toulon à découvrir

Many places are waiting to be discovered, like Fort Balaguier or the Eguillette located in Seyne-sur-Mer. But also the Villa Tamaris Pacha, perched on the Corniche Tamaris, a nineteenth-century resort.
The famous mussel and oyster park in Tamaris, buildings designed by the architect Fernand Pouillon, not to mention the Royal Tour and the great dam built in former times by convicts.

Let the Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur introduce you to the unique and historical secrets of this harbour.

The Toulon Harbour Offers More

The harbour of Toulon cannot be reduced to a simple visit of an historical site.
Indeed the Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur also help you discover:

A Military Port

Rade de Toulon, un port militaire

As the primary French military port, Toulon harbour houses part of the French fleet.

Famous warships of the Marine Nationale are waiting to be discovered, such as the aircraft carrier, Charles-de-Gaulle.

A Unique Tour

Rade de Toulon, une visite inédite

The Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur offer the only way to see the harbour of Toulon. You can admire the beauty of the harbour from our boats.

Thanks to our narration to guide you through your visit, the port of Toulon will hold back no secrets from you.

The cities of the bay

Villes de la rade de Toulon

Discover what you will see in 3 cities lying around Toulon harbor. You will see in detail the buildings, their stories, anecdotes and stunning panoramas.
Finally, you can see the dike. This famous dike protects the small harbor of the East wind and measuring about 1.2 km long.

Our Boats and Shuttles

Our company transports you through an amazing tour of the harbour of Toulon.

The Advantages of Our Maritime Company

Offered in many languages, the tour we offer is available to all. Moreover, the visit to Toulon harbour is based on informed commentary and explanations, so that this adventure is as rewarding as possible.

Access to our Piers

Boarding is from the Cronstadt dock,
located in the port of Toulon.

Boarding is from the Reseau Mistral dock, av. Jean-Baptiste Mattei
located in Les Sablettes – 83500 La Seyne-sur-Mer

Sea Lovers at Your Service

Our maritime company offers its services to transport you into the history of Toulon and share a rewarding time with you.

Toulon harbour has many secrets that are yours to discover during your visit.

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