Rade de Toulon, Fort de l'éguillette

Fort de l'éguillette

Rade de Toulon, le porte-avions Charles de Gaulle

Porte-avions Charles de Gaulle

Rade de Toulon, Fort de l'éhuillette

Tour Royale

Rade de Toulon, port militaire

Port militaire

Toulon harbor "movie"
A Day in Toulon Bay "movie"

Bateliers de la Côte D'Azur

Select your departure

You can board our shuttles from three cities, depending on the cruise :
La Londe, Toulon and Les Sablettes (La-Seyne-sur-Mer).
Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Saint-Tropez départ La Londe
Départ La Londe

Cruise departing from La Londe

Free Parking: 1200 spaces

Shuttles to:
Porquerolles, Port-Cros, Saint-Tropez, the 2 islands cruise, the "The Coastal".

Port Miramar
83250 - La-Londe-Les-Maures

Porquerolles, départ Toulon
Départ Toulon

Cruise departing from Toulon

Shuttles to:
Porquerolles, Tour of the Rade de Toulon.

Quai Cronstadt - Avenue de la Républque
83000 - Toulon

Porquerolles, départ La seyne-sur-mer (les sablettes)
Départ La seyne-sur-mer (Les Sablettes)

Cruise from La Seyne-sur-Mer (Les Sablettes)

Free Parking: 500 spaces

Shuttles to:

Quai Réseaux Mistral - les Sablettes
83500 - La-Seyne-sur-Mer

Departure from La Londe

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Departure from Toulon & La Seyne-sur-Mer (Les Sablettes)

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Welcome on board

The Bateliers de la Côte d'Azur
is a family company founded in 1997.

The founders, Yves and Christophe Arnal, are sons of boatmen themselves. They acquired a naval culture and grew a true passion with which they managed to gather a structured, faithful and dynamic team.

The efficiency and the good humour of our crewmen (some of whom are with us since the foundation of our company), are characteristic of their skills. Each member of the crew has his own role and tasks in the naval practise, which allows them to ensure a smooth cruise. Acquiring skills and undergoing technical training courses specific to the naval world is a continuous process that allows us to earn safe and recognized professional certifications.

Our company’s first services were focused on cruises around the Baie de Toulon before diversifying with crossings to the famous Iles d'Or (Porquerolles, Port-Cros...), Saint-Tropez, departing from La Londe, Toulon and La-Seyne-sur-Mer (Les Sablettes).

From Port-Cros National Park to Marseille and Menton, our knowledge of the Mediterranean coastline allows us to take you to fascinating cruises. Sail along the natural sites of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d\’Azur’s coastline and discover the diversity of those coastal landscapes from a new point of view, during our trip.

You can also rent our launches for seminaries, weddings or any other custom service, for which you will enjoy a warm and thoughtful welcome. Your events will thus get more original and your guests will surely love it!

The Bateliers de la Côte d'Azur strongly support the development of the cruising industry in the Baie de Toulon: since 2010, our company has been the main naval shuttle service provider, and year after year, we develop our commitment to this market, so that we can always offer you more enjoyable trips!

Our crew

Les Iles d'Or
with the Bateliers de la Côte d'Azur

Our cruises

Our fleet of
passenger boats

The fleet is made up of 5 ships: Le Miramar, Le Fée des Iles, Le Jules Vernes II , le Cap au Sud and L'Eros II, entirely rebuilt and brought up to standard by their owners themselves, for the greater comfort of the passengers.
Navette - Le Fée des Îles
Le Fée des &Iles

Length: 20m
Width: 5.50m
Total capacity:
145 passengers

Le Fée des &Iles
Navette - Le Cap au Sud
Le Cap au Sud

Length: 20m
Width: 8m
Total capacity:
195 passengers

Le Cap au Sud
Navette - Le Jules Verne II
Le Jules Verne II

Length: 20m
Width: 8m
Total capacity:
195 passengers.

Le Jules Verne II
Navette - Le Miramar
Le Miramar

Length: 26m
Width: 7m
Total capacity:
196 passengers

Le Miramar
Navette - L'Eros II
L'Eros II

Length: 26 m
Width: 6,50 m
Total capacity: 245 passengers

L'Eros II
  • As soon as we depart, our crew will welcome you aboard the shuttle with its natural good mood.
  • Each cruise is commented, so that you know our region better, and discover the incredible natural heritage that the Iles d'Or are.
  • C’est une traversée en toute sécurité, dans ce cadre de croisière et de détente que nous vous conduirons à bon port.


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  • Mairie La londe les Maures
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  • Temps Libre
  • Vanikoro - Tant de mondes à explorer !
  • Office du Tourisme Six Fours les Plages, La Seyne sur mer, Ollioules

Bateliers de la Côte d'Azur.
19 zone portuaire de Brégaillon
83500 La Seyne sur Mer

Phone: 04 94 48 01 00
Fax: 04 94 48 15 37

Email : bateliers@hotmail.fr

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