What to do on the island of Porquerolles?

This beautiful island offers you wonderful opportunities to discover an incredible natural and cultural heritage and to have an unforgettable stay. However, what else can you do during your days, apart from sunbathing on the beaches? We have listed the activities to do on the island. There is something for everyone, cycling, water sports, but also the history of Porquerolles and the tour of the monuments on the island.


The best way to visit the island of Porquerolles is by bicycle. You can then ride around the island and discover unsuspected panoramas.


The waters of Porquerolles are worth seeing and exploring. The fauna living underwater is incredible. There are many ways to discover this magnificent and protected environment: Nature in Porquerolles


Porquerolles has a rich history. The old buildings on the island bear witness to the military past of a strategic island. You will also find some breathtaking legends. More information via the tourist office of Hyères Porquerolles

Our shuttles to Porquerolles

At Les Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur, we have been specialists in transporting passengers by boat to Porquerolles for several generations. We are more than just a transport company, we are passionate about this magnificent archipelago. We offer you several departure points to go to Porquerolles :

Bike ride

Cycling around the island is a wonderful way to go,
so here are a few places where you can rent bikes, put on your helmet and go on an adventure

The Indian

Since 1988, L’Indien has been offering a rental service to spend a good day on the island. Mountain bikes, bicycles, electric bikes, jet skis, motor boats, there is something for everyone, and you are bound to find something you like.

The company Porquerolles à Vélo is a long-standing institution on the island. It is located in the heart of the village, a few meters from the port. The family business is run by Isabelle and Edouard, who are annual residents of the island, and the key word here is “conviviality”.

The Porquerolles cycle

For 30 years, Cycle Porquerollais has specialised in bicycle hire. We provide you with quality equipment to guarantee a magnificent ride on the island. You can pre-book your bikes on our website in order to organise your stay in the smallest details.

Enjoying the water

In Porquerolles you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.
On site, you will find many shops allowing you to practice nautical activities.

Palm hikes

Snorkelling is the best way to discover the Mediterranean Sea, while remaining on the surface. It is also a good alternative for novice divers. You will be able to swim among schools of fish, observe a constantly changing ecosystem and see beautiful underwater landscapes. You can get in touch with some diving centres to find out about the best areas for aquatic walks.


It is possible to make your first dive in protected waters where many different species live. For the more experienced, diving trips are also organised. In the waters of Porquerolles, there are many treasures to discover. Firstly, there are several wrecks in these turquoise waters, colourful places such as the coral rock or the grouper rock, the emblematic animal of the Mediterranean Sea, or, for the more adventurous, the moray eel bed.


A new practice is being democratised: freediving. Indeed, it is possible to explore the seabed by freediving. This sport is a good way to push back one’s limits, however this practice must be supervised, and is absolutely not to be practiced in autonomy. Many water sports centres on the island offer freediving courses.

Enjoying the island

In addition to visiting the most beautiful beaches of Porquerolles, there are many monuments to discover in Porquerolles.
Most of them are old buildings full of history.

Le Fort du grand Langoustier

The Grand Langoustier Fort was built between 1633 and 1640 at the time of Richelieu. This fort was a strategic point, because it was possible to observe the comings and goings of ships heading for the Toulon roadstead. To do this, the boats had to pass through the “petite passe”, which was controlled throughout the day by the Langoustier fort and the petit Langoustier on the islet. Since 2006, the fort has been assigned to the Conservatoire du Littoral and restoration work has begun. The fort is located on the road to the Pointe de Ste Anne.

The happiness mill

Several myths surround the name of this mill. One of them says that it was the meeting point between the soldiers on the island and the Porquerolais women. The lovers met at the foot of the mill and it was called the mill of happiness. The windmill can be visited, as guided tours are organised to show you the history and mechanism of this early 18th century windmill.

Saint Anne's Church

St. Anne’s Church was built between 1849 and 1851 and was used as a military chapel at that time. It was not until 1929 that it became a parish church. When you enter the church, you can admire some of the steps of the Way of the Cross, meticulously carved in walnut by a soldier who was convalescing on the island. In addition, two paintings attributed to the Spanish painter José de Ribera can be found inside the church.

The Alycastre Fort

The fort has had several faces. Built to defend the island, it was also used as a prison in the 1850s. Today it is a listed monument since 2011. The bay of Alycastre is the centre of one of the most famous legends of Porquerolles. It is said that in the distant past, a beast as hideous as cruel inhabited the cave in the Bay of Alycastre. In fact, in this cave lived the dragon that was nicknamed The Alycaster. One day a knight was shipwrecked on the island and to thank the inhabitants for their care decided to kill the dragon. After a long fight, the knight got the upper hand, and the people of Porquerolles were at peace. This would be the origin of the name of the bay, and one can still see the remains of the famous cave.

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