Which beach to choose?

Porquerolles is well known for its fine sandy beaches, turquoise and transparent waters, a true paradise island. There are many beaches on the north coast of the island, and if you prefer peace and quiet and like to go on adventures, then you can go to the coves on the island.
Our shuttles to Porquerolles
At Les Bateliers de la Côte d’Azur, we have been specialists in passenger boat transport to Porquerolles for several generations. More than a simple transport company, we are real enthusiasts of this magnificent archipelago. So we offer you several departure points to go to Porquerolles:
Porquerolles, Plage d’Argent

Silver Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Located 5 minutes by bike from the pier, or 15 minutes on foot, the fine sandy beach, its turquoise water and its shallow water will make you spend an extraordinary afternoon. On the beach, you can find a restaurant and a surveillance post. It is protected from the mistral, and the pine forest behind the forest offers an incomparable setting. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island of Porquerolles.
Porquerolles, Plage noire du Langoustier

Black beach of Langoustier

To the south of the Langoustier beach is the black page of the Langoustier. This beach has a certain peculiarity, as its sand is black. In the past there was an old factory here and over the years this has coloured the sand. Today you can see black or red sand depending on the area of the beach. This atypical beach is one of the least frequented, since it takes 1h30 on foot and 50min by bike from the village square to get there. However, access by sea is much easier.
Porquerolles, Plage Notre Dame

Notre Dame Beach

In 2015, Notre Dame Beach was named the most beautiful beach in Europe, ahead of 300 other European beaches. It is lined with pine trees, the water is turquoise, everything is there to make you dream. It takes about 30 minutes on foot from the village to reach the beach. If you are lucky enough to arrive early on the beach with a mask and snorkel, you can observe sole, red mullet and schools of sars in the transparent waters of Notre-Dame beach. Thanks to its orientation, it is protected from the mistral and the east wind. As boats are not allowed within 300m of the shore, you will not be disturbed and can enjoy the water and the peace of the beach.

Porquerolles, Plage du Langoustier

Langoustier Beach

The langoustier beach is sheltered from the wind, which makes it a particularly pleasant page. As there is very little wind, there is also very little swell, which makes the water even clearer and more transparent. The beach offers a magnificent view of the Gien peninsula. Near the beach, you can find the Langoustier fort offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. However, this beach offers very little shade, so if you choose it, remember to bring a parasol. It is less accessible than the first two, as it takes 30 minutes by bike from the village to get there.

Porquerolles, Plage de la Courtade

La Courtade Beach

Another beach is Courtade. It is the largest sandy beach on the island. This beach is also easy to access as it is only a 10min walk and 5min bike ride from the village square, and is signposted. The beach is located on the edge of a pine and eucalyptus forest, which gives it an incomparable setting. When swimming on this beach, the smell of eucalyptus floats in the air, which is very pleasant. For the first 300 metres, the sea is shallow, ideal for a trip with children.

Porquerolles, Plage de L'Alycastre

Alycastre Beach

Located in the north of the island, between the beaches of Courtade and Notre-Dame, this sandy and gravel beach is very pleasant. Located at the bottom of the Alycastre fort, it is sheltered from the mistral. Not far from the beach, you will find the cave of the Alycastre, the main actor of a Porquerolles legend. A dragon is said to have lived there, but was slain by a valiant knight, after years of terrifying the islanders. In the summer it is not very busy, and is a 45 minute walk or 20 minute bike ride from the village square. This wild beach is little frequented in summer.

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