A Unique Tour

The most beautiful harbor in Europe

Discover a tour of the harbor of Toulon as you’ve never seen. Passionate about the sea and the history of Toulon accompany you to visit accessible to all. Come and enjoy the Mediterranean and the history of Toulon under the hot sun of the VAR, in our boats designed for your comfort.


This unprecedented visit of Toulon harbor is presented by enthusiasts of the sea that will make you travel through the centuries and trace the history of Toulon harbor.


We wanted to make this visit accessible to all, that is why we have facilitated access to the pier, and offer a multilingual tour and group rates !

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Take part in a 1 hour cruise to visit the most beautiful harbour in Europe: Toulon, discover the military installations of Toulon, the Sablettes bay and the picturesque port of Saint Mandrier, go up the Mourillon dyke and learn about the history of Toulon’s fortifications.
Departure every hour, reservation on the spot or by phone.

One-hour guided tour
of the rade de Toulon au départ de Toulon

Boarding Quai Cronstadt

Regular departures, Group rates

FIXED PRICE ALL DATES 15 € adult – 10 € child.

Further information :
04 94 93 07 56

The authorities reserve the right to modify or cancel all or part of the ferries scheduled, without warning, in case of adverse meteorological conditions or for technical reasons.


Cheques, Holiday Vouchers, and Blue Cards accepted.

A visit by enthusiasts

Venez découvrir l’histoire de la rade de Toulon, les bâtiments, ainsi que les villes alentour.

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The program of the visit

The history of this military port begins when Louis XII made built the royal tower in 1514. And then comes the construction of the arsenal of Mourillon, in the eighteenth century. This is an extension of great arsenal of Toulon, near the harbor. From the late nineteenth century, the first armored frigates are built, then comes the construction of the first submarine. Until the twentieth century, the arsenal of Mourillon is a storehouse where we store the wood for the construction of ships of the Royal Navy. After the twentieth century the arsenal of Mourillon takes on a different role as it will be entirely dedicated to underwater activities, it is the basis of French submarines.

During World War II, heavy decisions had to be taken to Toulon, the one everybody remembers is the scuttling of the Toulon fleet. Rather than join the Free French forces in North Africa, and to prevent the Nazis seized the fleet of Toulon, on the order of the Admiralty, 27 November 1942, the Toulon fleet was scuttled, or in other words sank itself its own warships.


We offer a guided tour, and strive for everyone to participate.



For the visit of Toulon harbor, several starting points are provided. You can Kronstadt from the dock in Toulon located on the port. Departures are scheduled, and group rates are available.

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