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Where to swim on the island of Port-Cros?

Port-Cros is certainly wilder than Porquerolles, but its beaches are just as beautiful. You can sunbathe under the sun of the Var to fabulous natural scenery, swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, and why not swim with a school of fish?


Port-Cros, plage du sud

South Beach is the most famous of Port-Cros. It is the nearest village, that is to say 30 minutes. Admire the view in the warm Mediterranean waters.

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Port-Cros La Palud

The beach of La Palud is 45 minutes from the village, but the trip is worth it. Come and enjoy the water, sun, and the underwater trail to the beach of Palud.

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Port-Cros plage port man

The Man Port beach is the farthest, you need good sneakers to browse 1h30 walk leading to the beach. The view is beautiful, and this pebble beach is very nice.

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La plage du Sud

Located 30 minutes from the village of Port-Cros, discover the white sandy beach.

Plage du sud

The beach

This beach is the most accessible island. Lying 30 minutes from the port, it is the most popular beach in Port-Cros. It is sheltered from the East wind and offers an incredible view of the tip of Malalongue.

The turquoise and clear water you will observe shady fish, and this close to the edge.

Pointe de la malongue

The tip of the Malalongue

The peak is located west of the beach. The tip form the kingdom of gulls. This is where most of these seabirds nest. On the peak, you can see big storms, since it is thanks to her that the South beach is sheltered. With a combination of strong wind and big waves, the rock is carved. One can clearly see the effect of wind on the rock, as was a shale cliff, the rock is brittle and honeycombed. This phenomenon is even more accentuated by the wind brings the sand. Around the headland, fishing is prohibited, however the navigation is allowed except at the beach.

The beach of Palud

The beach is 45 minutes from the village, you will find turquoise water and an underwater trail

Plage de la Palud

The beach

The little coarse sandy beach which is the Palud is shaded by tamarisk to the lining. In addition, the beach is lined with ganivelles that can delineate the area accessible by tourists and protected plant area. To access it, you will walk about 45 minutes, passing near the fort of Estissac and take a forest road that for a long time you let admire the sea.

Sentier sous-marin, la Palud

The underwater trail

Once on the page, you will see yellow buoys floating at regular intervals forming a path. It is the underwater path of La Palud beach. Put on your mask and snorkel and go on walking underwater. Each yellow buoy is an explanatory panel with fish and vegetation that you will find that specific location. Now scroll through the 6 steps in 30 to 40 minutes. If you want more information, you can go to the harbor and you get a submergible you insert with the main species of the waters of Port-Cros for 5 euros.

Port Man beach

You will need 1h30 walk to get to the beach, but it is worth it!

Plage Port man

The beach

The Man Port range is farthest from the Port, it is 1h30 walk from the village. However, the beach offers an incredible panorama. In addition, a faith arrived in the bay, you will be sheltered from the wind. This beach is not a sandy beach but pebbly, and it is popular with boaters. To reach the beach, you will pass the Moulin Fort, near the Fort of Estissac, the rock of the Rascasse, the Palud Cove, the plateau of the Marma, and after exercise the comfort you come to the beach in Port Man.

Fort Port Man

The fort of Port Man

The fort is located at the eastern end of the island of Port Cros, and overlooks the bay of Port Man. The fort was built in the 17th century, under the reign of François first. The fort was part like the Estissac and those of Porquerolles a defense line set up by Richelieu. He suffered a lot of damage to the son for years, and has been renovated until 1881 when it was decommissioned. After its disarmament is abandoned until 1977 when he was assigned to the National Park of Port-Cros. However, because of erosion, the ramparts of the fort are damaged today. This is why in 2003 the fort was restored. The fort is closed to the public, the interior can only be visited only during Heritage Days.


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