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A Historic Harbour

A harbor that has evolved

Toulon harbor is a strategic place that has always been important in the history of the French navy. Today it is the first naval base of France, and has undergone many improvements and fortifications since its inception.


Rade de Toulon les installations militaires

Discover forts and buildings in the harbor of Toulon. Throughout the tour you will discover the hidden side of these buildings, stories and their history.

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Histoire du port de Toulon

The port of Toulon was always active. Discover the history of this port since the 20s and retrace its history until today.

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Military installations

In Toulon harbor, there are many military forts, having a strategic role.

Port de Toulon, intallations militaires

The fortified

In Toulon harbor, one can see many forts. The first works were those of the royal tower. It was built to protect the port and to welcome the enemy to blow gun if the urge to invade Toulon were taking.

However, that can not protect the entire harbor, we built other strong.


It is then that the construction of Fort Balaguier, in La Seyne-sur-Mer. So he had a mission to protect the harbor of Toulon, in addition to the Royal Tower.

Then came the construction of Fort Eguillette, which also served to strengthen the defenses of the harbor and thus be able to counter effectively the invasions and attacks

The history of the Port

Trace the history of the port of Toulon since the 1920s.

Histoire du port de Toulon

A changing harbor

The history of the port of Toulon begins in 1924, when the Chamber of shops and VAR industry is entrusted with the following mission: taking care of the port of Toulon.

At that time, the commercial port consists of the North East part of the old Darse, which was reserved for fishing and boating, as well as the basin of the rode, assigned to unloading.

The most transported by sea merchandise was bauxite. This red rock and having a high alumina used to produce aluminum.


The port was modernized at the dock of the rode and facilities needed to advances in navigation into place. It was then in 1933 that was born the quay Pierre Fournel. After that, the commercial port can accommodate two ships finally on its deep water dock. Then a railroad created between the port and the railway station, to facilitate the transport of bauxite.

Then, after the Second World War, the port is destroyed because of the bombing, and rode the basin is lived then replaced through the debris of the port buildings. Thus was born the merchant port. Then after numerous studies around the harbor it became gradually that we know today.


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