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Fort Estissac

Discover l'Estissac

On the island of Port-Cros, there are several strong, but the most visible is that of Estissac. It is the strong that you see from the port, and where there is an incredible view. Then discover the history of the fort, and the activity found there today.


Port-Cros, fort de l'estissac

Discover the history of the fort of Estissac of the island of Port-Cros. Of what use was this former military fort? Why it was built? You can find answers to your questions!

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Port-Cros expositions

After having a military function, the fort is open to visitors in the summer and offers exhibits and outreach for the youngest.

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The history of the fort

Discover the rich history of Port-Cros and its strong military

Port-Cros, fort de l'estissac

A former military fort

Like most buildings of the Golden Isles Fort Estissac was built on the order of Richelieu. There were several forts have been built to counter the Spanish threat. With him was, Fort Mill, Fort of Eminence, and Fort Port Man.


Under Napoleon I, guidance is provided for the organization of the ribs, which will lead to a restoration of the tower of the Fort of Estissac destroyed by the British in 1793. After the restoration in 1813, it remained in service until 'in 1885, where it will be disarmed. It will then be restored in the twentieth century, and assigned to the National Park of Port-Cros. At the top of the fort, you can admire an incredible panorama of the whole bay of Hyères.

Exposure and Awareness

To preserve this heritage he does not care to educate visitors to the island, and what better than Fort Estissac to accomplish this mission?

Port-Cros, sensibilisation

Playful exhibitions

Fort Estissac is now available to the National Park of Port-Cros, and is used for temporary exhibitions, and to raise awareness regarding the environment and protection of biodiversity.

These exhibitions have several purposes. The first is to understand the history of the park, as well as the regulations of the National Park. For this, a facilitator can intervene throughout the year with a class of children of school output.


Exposure is defined in three parts. The first, on the ground floor shows the history and objectives of the national park, the first floor, the marine life and the food chain and ultimately, a temporary exhibition that changes every year. The visits end with the view of the bay of Hyères from the top of the tower of the Fort.


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