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Walk and Hiking

Where to walk to Port-Cros?

You can discover this wonderful island and its natural park through 30km of trail and incredible vistas. Put on your walking shoes and go on an adventure in the forests of Port-Cros.


Port-Cros, randonnées

The Crest circuit is 3 hours, and you can discover the western part of the island. You will pass the house cows, South Beach, the old South Battery, and pass the highest point of the island, Mount Vinegar.

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Port-Cros circuit port man

This 4-hour tour you will discover the La Palud beach, the fort of Port Man and the Fort of Eminence, with magnificent views of the rock Rascas. Discover the eastern part of Port-Cros, in 4 hours walk.

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Time of departure La Seyne-sur-mer (Les Sablettes)

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The Crest Circuit

The circuit Ridge is a hike of 3 hours, and good shoes are needed!

Port-Cros, randonnées

South of Port-Cros

For the Circuit of the peaks, you will follow the pink markup. We recommend you do the circuit in the direction of clockwise, especially during the summer months, as this will allow the end of the ride to go diving in the waters of South Beach. On the way you can admire the magnificent scenery of the south coast of the island. The sea can be very violent day of mistral, which contrasts well with the valley of Solitude, quiet haven. You do not have to worry about the heat, as was most of the way is shady.


When you leave the port, it will direct you to the right towards South Beach. Then walk along the mother and go through the St. Helena mansion. Then get to the statue of St Joseph, turn right to the Golden Apple. On the rest of your way, you will find ruins, the highest point on the island is Mount Vinegar (194m). 3 hours walk if you look long after Mount Vinegar, take the path of the Golden Apple that goes down to the village, otherwise continue on the road crests.

The Port Man circuit

Ready for 4h hiking and scenery breathtaking?

Port-Cros, circuit port man

A military heritage

To the Port Man circuit, follow the pink tags. The circuit offers varied landscapes, history, woodland walks and Port Man of the bay. From the harbor, towards Fort Mill. After going to the foot of the tower of the wall, take the path on the right, opposite the drawbridge. Most of the trail is shaded, allowing to trudge on the way without being in direct sunlight. On the way you will find small numbered plates having the main plants of the island.


Further along the path, you can observe below the rock Rascas and the La Palud beach. Then continue your way towards the beach via a staircase carved into the rock. Then you arrive at Bay Port Man is sheltered from the mistral, then comes the strong, which is not open. Then you pass the Fort of Eminence and the Fort de l'Estissac then return to Port.


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